Where the $%!# is the Background Check Report?

“How long does the background check take to complete?” This is no doubt one of the top 3 questions we hear from HR professionals; and for good reason. The background check is usually one of the last pieces of what can be a long, and possibly even painful, hiring process. Not to mention the incessant […]

Compliance and Regulations

FCRA Requirements: 4 Steps Employers Must Follow to Stay in Compliance

When you receive the Consumer Report from your background screening company, also called a consumer reporting agency (CRA), do you know what your next step is legally if you don’t plan to hire the applicant? Look no further than the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) for guidance on this issue. The FCRA regulates the collection, distribution […]

credit report do's

“Two Do’s” of Using Credit Reports in the Hiring Process

It’s fair to say that most people have experienced some degree of financial strain at one time or another in their lives. Maybe it’s a late or missed student loan or credit card payment, or a large unexpected medical bill or loss of a job resulting in bankruptcy. Many individuals have flaws, as well as […]